Milton H. Erickson’s adult life ‘post-polio’ rivals that of his extraordinary young life discovering and effecting mind-body medicine to regain his physical functionality.

The Milton H. Erickson Foundation website extends to both lay and professional visitors a wealth of data about Dr. Erickson’s life and work. Don’t miss young Milton’s Canoe Diary, a fascinating account of his ‘1000 mile canoe trip’ down the Mississippi River in 1922, as he prepared to enter college.

Foremost Erickson expert Dr. Jeff Zeig’s upcoming Erickson Biography [2019] opens poignant new windows into the man who was Dr. Milton H. Erickson. A must-read for any person with any level of interest in Erickson’s remarkable life.

In Phoenix AZ, the Erickson Historic Residence welcomes visitors, by appointment.

A bibliography cited at the back of Milton’s Magnificent Imagination provides sources used by Martha Trowbridge in the creation of the book.