Decades ago, when Martha Trowbridge discovered the story of Milton H. Erickson, immediately, she sensed in it enduring inspiration. In a time when existential fears beset children and their families, young Milton’s pioneer spirit is as trailblazing today as it was a century ago.

Struck with severe paralytic polio at age seventeen, Wisconsin farm boy Milton defied the doctors’ declaration of impending death. Discovering wondrous healing power within him, Dr. Erickson would live on for six decades past that fateful night in 1917. His signature mind-body therapeutic techniques, rooted in his stunning recovery from polio, position him amongst the 20th century most significant  healers.

Sidebars provide accompanying scientific detail for the parent, teacher, or older reader.


“Martha Trowbridge’s poignant and optimistic portrait of one of the 20th century’s greatest healers will give children and parents alike the courage and hope that’s so necessary for healing to occur. What a wonderful gift she’s given to those in pain and those that want to help people in pain.”  April Benson, PhD

“A brilliant tour de force of imagination and the power of the mind.”   Joan Lachkar, PhD

“A breakthrough in teaching high level concepts simply.”    Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

Martha Trowbridge is Executive Producer & Host at Martha Trowbridge Radio, LLC, online radio offering empathic professional wisdom to women who suffer emotional and mental agonies.